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Creating slides by calling functions--Please consider this version instead!


I am trying to write a C# program that creates a presentation MyPres (with 30 slides), where each slide is created by a function MakeSlide(), that returns a slide. This is my sample code:

Presentation MyPres = New Presentation();

Slide[] MyPresSlideDeck = new Slide[30];


MyPresSlideDeck[i] = MakeSlide(.....);



Systems.Collections.SortedList slist = new Systems.Collections.SortedList();

MyPres[i].CloneSlide(MyPresSlideDeck[i], MyPres.Slides.LastSlidePosition+1, MyPres, slist);


MyPres.Write("Output path for file");


protected slide MakeSlide(){.......}

Am I on the right track, or am I writing something wrong?Thanks!!

Dear AsAd,

In order to create a slide inside the presentation, you need the presentation object. So you will have to pass MyPres as a parameter to MakeSlide function.

For example it will look like this

Slide MakeSlide(Presentation srcPres)


Slide sld=srcPres.AddEmptySlide();

return sld;


The rest code seems ok.