Creating Tables and Columns


Hi there,

I’m evaluating the Powerpoint component but hit a brick wall when I got to tables.

Firstly, I can access tables and modify them slightly, but I need to be able to create a table from scratch. I found the table class, which can be casted to if a shape is table and then worked with, but I do not find a method that allows me to add a brand new table to the shapes collection.

Also, in table class there is AddRow and DeleteRow. Where is the column version?


Dear cwad,

We are planning to continue work with text frames and tables after releasing Aspose.PowerPoint for Java ( ~ April, 10).

The first features in our planes are:
1. Add new TextFrame to any shapes.
2. Create new slides.
3. Create tables from scratch and change it.
4. Create new presentations from scratch.


Hi Alexei,

Do you have any deadline in mind when you think of delivering these features. An estimation is also ok. I’m planning to realize a new feature on our website with your Powerpoint component.

Can you also add the editing of the document properties (like Author, Subject etc). to your list? Would be great.Yes




Dear Hari,

I think document properties can be added on this weekends.
Adding text frames - 3-4 days after releasing Java version.
Estimated time for other features except creating Presentations - end of April.


Thxs for the prompt reply. I’m looking forward for the upcoming changes! It’s becoming a damn nice product!




Thanks Alexey,

After April 10th, what timeframe are we looking at here?

What I'm working on needs to be dropped into System Test in June.

In short, I'm converting a RTF into a Powerpoint file. The only items in RTF are Fonts, Bullets, Tables, Rich Text and Images. Table Cells can include Rich Text as well

Do you have any words of wisdom here? Will this control support the creation of these things into Powerpoint?

Keen to find out



Tomorrow marks the end of my evaluation, and I will then need to give my results and recommendations on whether this component can be utilised within our Application Suite.

We have a real need for something like this, but our deadlines like yours I guess are tight.

What is critical for us and I need confirmation on is

Create New Table
Add Column (don't really need delete)
Rich Text into Tables

In my recommendation I can outline a case for this future functionality coming online within timeframe, but I would need a better indication on when some of this functionality will be available.

Thanks Alexie



Dear Cor,

As I wrote creating new tables will be ready at the end of April, not earlier. Let’s say April, 30.
It’s a most large and not studied part of work and we have to do a lot of things to implement it.
We will try to do it as soon as possible of course.


Hi there

Just wandering how this is progressing? Any idea on when we’re likely to see a download for this.



when do you expect to release ?
Please give us some hints

thanks in advance


New 1.8 release (with tables) will be published on these weekends.