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Creation of Reports in MS EXCEL 2007 and MS PPT 2007

Hi All,

We have to use ASPOSE Library for creation of Reports in MS EXCEL 2007 and MS PPT 2007.

We have images, pie charts and various tables in the Excel Report.

We are facing one issue in which Images and Pie Charts are getting overlapped. Help us in this issue?


Please provide us your source file(s) and source code example.

Please also test your issue with the latest version:
for Java v2.5.4.17


Attached Zip file has ReportHandler.java Which is the main handler class and generates the Excel Report. It has a method generateExcel() which actually populates the Excel on the basis of XML i.e. EMEA.xml. EMEA is a region here.

EMEA.xls is the base template.

We want everything to be in 2007. EMEA.xls should be converted into EMEA.xlsx and generated output Excel should also be in xlsx. But This is giving issue Pie Charts are getting overlapped with Images.

In IMPLEMENTATION PLAN sheet in EMEA.xls which is our base template has some Pie Charts and Images. When we generate the report in XLSX, Pie Charts are getting overlapped with Images.

Please provide the necessary help on the same.


Attached are the updated files.Please ignore my earlier attachment.

Base Template is in XLSX format and generated output would also be in XLSX.

Problem is same i.e. PieCharts are getting hidden behind the images and when we click on area of Pie Chart , It becomes visible automatically.

Please suggest some solution


Thanks for your files.

Can you please also provide me simpler code replicating the problem and remove all the unneeded code? It is needed to sort out the problem.


You can see IMPLEMENTATION PLAN Sheet in EMEA.XLSX . There are 2 pie charts on top of Excel. Also, There are two tables at right side.Our logic populates these two tables and then we populate the graph on basis of those values.

But Images(Tables) those are below Pie Charts are getting over lapped with these pie charts. When we click on the area of Pie Charts in the genrated report, Then Pie Chart get popped up and we can see that.

Hope it clears the problem.


You should create more space for your images(tables), you can do so by increasing the height of the rows.

Please refer: Adjusting Row Height & Column Width

You can also control positioning the images using Picture.setPositionXY, setTop and setLeft properties.