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CryptoAPI cryptographic service provider (CSP) error

After a change in the configuration we keep getting CryptoAPI cryptographic service provider (CSP) errors. I have seen a lot of references and aswers on the aspose forums, but since our configuration is different those answers are not enough.

We are using Aspose.Excel version 2.8.01. from a website running on a Windows 2003 server. The website uses a dedicated application pool.

When the identity of the application pool is set to the 'predefined network account' the answers on the forum are sufficient to solve these errors. The problem is, the identity of the application pool must run under a custom (network) account. When i login interactively on the webserver using the custom acocunt the website can create excelfiles, but as soon as i log off the CPS errors occur again.


Thanks for considering Aspose.

Since you are using some older version Aspose.Excel for I am not sure. Aspose.Excel has been renamed to become Aspose.Cells now which is more stable and feature rich component with excellent performance for the most diverse scenarios. Could you try the latest

Aspose.Cells for .NET (Download | NuGet)

and check if it works fine and you don’t CSP error.

Some APIs are renamed in the latest Aspose.Cells, you should consider them.

1). Excel class -> Workbook class

2). ExcelDesigner class -> WorkbookDesigner

And from our side we will still check and get back to you soon.

Thank you.

I will try the latest version. This will probably take some days, since i have other obligations as well. As soon as i have tested it, i will reply again.

I downloaded the new version to and started working with it, but then i realized i will probably not be able to reproduce the problem since it occurs when the license is set:

[CryptoAPI cryptographic service provider (CSP) for this implementation could not be acquired.]
at System.Security.Cryptography.RSACryptoServiceProvider..ctor(Int32 dwKeySize, CspParameters parameters, Boolean useDefaultKeySize)
at Aspose.Excel.License.a(XmlNode A_0, XmlNode A_1)
at Aspose.Excel.License.a(XmlDocument A_0)
at Aspose.Excel.License.SetLicense(Stream stream)
at Aspose.Excel.License.SetLicense(String licenseName)

I assume the new version needs another license file. Testing with the new evaluation version will not give me certainty, the problem is fixed. Is this true?

Yes, the new version won’t work with your old license file. You can ask for a temporary license file at