CSS is lost when converting to PDF from html


I am trying to convert to PDF file from html, however, sometimes the CSS will be lost (see corrupt.pdf) and looks like a plain text file. I tried 100 files, 7 of them is corrupted. Please help to check. ThanksPDF.zip (458.6 KB)



Thank you for contacting support.

Would you please share source files as ZIP along with SSCCE code so that we may try to reproduce and investigate it in our environment.


It looks like the issue is resolved when we use the latest version (19.9) library, previously we are using 19.6 library. So is it a known issue and already been fixed in 19.7 / 19.8 / 19.9?



Thank you for your kind feedback.

We are glad to know that the problem has been resolved with latest version. We keep improving the API and some internal fixes have probably resolved this. Please feel free to contact us if you face any problem.