CSV save with Cells for Java errors


I just downloaded of Aspose.Cells for Java and I am getting an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException error when I try to save my workbook in CSV format. See attached source. I also included the output from printStackTrace call.

Is TAB_DELIMITED output implemented in

Thanks, Steve


Hi Steve,

The feature is implemented. We assume this question is caused by there are too much data in one row.We have fixed the bug.

Please try this fix.


Hi Warren,

I found out the out of bounds was caused by having an empty worksheet in my workbook. When a Workbook is created Aspose automatically adds an empty worksheet. My code added a second worksheet which it added data to. Things worked once I removed the sheet that was initially added.

What are the rules for CSV and Tab delimited if you have a workbook with more than one worksheet? Does it save only the first worksheet?



Hi Steve,

MS Excel only save the active sheet to the file when the save file format type is CSV or Tab delimited.

In Aspose.Cells for Java ,We save the active sheet to the file.The default active worksheet is the first sheet.You should set the worksheet (which you want to save) active.

Please try the fix. We have fixed the bug about saving the empty sheet to CSV or Tab delimited file.