Custom Code in report header does not show barcode

Custom code barcode or Visual Component barcode?

I think for 20.6 version on the server "Report_Expressions_Default_Permissions" also must be set to "FullTrust".

We fully rebuilt SSRS library in 2021 and fixed most of the bugs.

Visual - Yes
Custom - No

in rssrvpolicy.config add FullTrust to Report_Expressions_Default_Permissions

How to add is described only for VS because it was fixed in 21.5 and for VS it just cannot read license from the registry without setting FullTrust.

Hi Alexander

I believe I have made the required changes, but it still isn’t working. Could you please check my config file below and advise if I have missed anything? (2.4 KB)

Ok, I have checked and I did not find any problem in config file. I will plan to investigate Custom Code behavior with 20.6 version next week. I have some questions:

  • Version of SSRS on Server
  • Path to VS2017 instance
  • Does you use additional instance of Server?
  • Does replacing Aspose.BarCode.ReportingServices.dll 20.6 to 21.8 version in Server bin directory solve the problem?

However you can try to use 21.8 version, it is based on new BarcodeGenerator instead of removed BarcodeBuilder and has generation improvements from 2018 year.

  • Version of SSRS on Server
  • Path to VS2017 instance
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\SQL\Common7\IDE\CommonExtensions\Microsoft\SSRS
  • Does you use additional instance of Server?
    We have 2 named instances on the server. Only one requires Aspose
  • Does replacing Aspose.BarCode.ReportingServices.dll 20.6 to 21.8 version in Server bin directory solve the problem?
    I have not tried this. Would there not be a licencing issue if I were to use a newer dll?

You can download and try any Aspose dll at any time when you want. Without correct license it just shows watermark. Also you can request month temporary license.

Aspose.BarCode for Reporting Services

Hi Alexander

We are using Aspose in a production environment, so I would not wish to use a temporary licence or have the watermark. Do you believe there should be a solution for the version I am using?

In a production you should not use new version because it places watermark. I thought you had VMWare of VirtualBox with testing environment.

Hi Alexander

Any update on this issue? You mentioned that you planned to investigate custom code behavior with V20.6



We are gathering the information/details and get back to you with latest updates on it soon.

Problem with this, currently writing article describes possible issues with custom code

Also SSRS2017 can have only one virtual instance per server (or virtual server), there could be SSRS2016 because it allows multiple SSRS instances per server.

To confirm, whilst there are multiple SQL instances on the server, there is only one instance of SSRS

Here is the article with possible issues and solutions

One of the problem could be related with blocked library