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Custom colums in SaveFileFormat() CSV - Java For PHP

Hello team,
Sorry for my English, not good.

I need to export custom columns from an MPP to a CSV but the system only exports the following columns.

I.D; Name of the homework; Outline_Level; Duration; Start date; Finish date; Percent_Comp; Cost; Work

The columns I have in the MPP file are as follows:

The code I use is the following:

namespace Aspose\Tasks\WorkingWithProjects;

use com\aspose\tasks\Project as Project;
use com\aspose\tasks\SaveFileFormat as SaveFileFormat;

class SaveProjectDataToExcel{

    public static function run($dataDir=null){
		$dataDir = __DIR__ . '/data/Proyecto.mpp';
        # Instantiate project object
        $project = new Project($dataDir);
        # Save the Project as XLSX
        $saveFileFormat=new SaveFileFormat();
        $project->save(__DIR__ . "/data/Project.csv", $saveFileFormat->CSV);    		

Could you help me?


Thank you for writing to Aspose support team.

We have requested our product team to provide information about it and we will write back here as soon as some feedback is received in this regard.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

Hi @kashif.iqbal ,
Sorry for my English, not good.

I needed to get all the data of the tasks, to explore other file extensions.

Now I use XML and it really exports me all the data I need, but I have a problem with the dates.

My MPP has start date “06/19/2017” but when exporting to XML I get the date “2000-06-19T09: 57: 00”. The year is wrong, how could I solve it?


This issue shows that you are not using license in your testing that is why getting all dates in year 2000 as mentioned here. You can avoid all the evaluation limitations by getting a 30 days temporary license. Please give a try to the sample codes with valid license and share the feedback.

We are afraid that columns which are exported to CSV are fixed and cannot be configured. You may please use own logic to read data from project file using Aspose.Tasks and export required columns data to a text file.