Custom font

Hi there,

I am trying to integrate some custom font into our templates (Dejavu) and can’t understand how… The following construction doesn’t work:

HashMap fontMap = new HashMap();

fontMap.put(“sansserif”, “DejaVu Sans”);

fontMap.put("serif", "DejaVu Serif");

fontMap.put("monospaced", "DejaVu Sans Mono");

this.exporter = new JrPdfExporter();


All the appropriate font jars are added. The code worked perfect without aspose support.

Any help? Thank you in advance!

Hi Victor,

Thanks for your inquiry. We are looking into the issue and will update you soon.

Best Regards,


do you know how many time it takes?? I have some temp license for 30 days but I can’t test it without this feature…
Thank you

Hi Victor,

Thanks for your feedback. We are looking into your issue and will share our finding soon. However if required we will extend the evaluation time for you.

Thanks for your patience.

Best Regards,

Hey guys,

how it’s going with this issue?
It is quit strange that you sell the product that you can’t support and one of the important features is broken… The documentation is also old…

Hi Victor,

Thanks for your inquiry. I am afraid our development team is working over other priority issues. Our development team schedule investigation on first come first basis, however we have raised the investigation ticket, PDFJASPER-33150, priority and requested our development team to investigate it and as soon as possible.

We are truly sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Best Regards,

The issues you have found earlier (filed as PDFJASPER-33150) have been fixed in Aspose.Pdf for JasperReports 1.4.0.

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