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Custom Validation


We are intersted in being able to make spreadsheets that have cells that use “Custom” validation. That is the validation is based upon a formula that we would provide. It appears there is support for this in the Aspose API but we can’t seem to make it work. We are applying the validation to an entire column range. I am setting the ValidationType to Custom and setting the formula for validation in the Formula1 property. However when I go into excel and view the validation for the cell it shows that it is custom but the Formula box is empty. What is the correct way to define the formula for the cells? Also the formula contains references to the cell and other cells in the same row so in the formula I am using the cell references for the cells in the first row. Is this correct?


Aspose.Cells doesn’t support to create custom data validation at run time. However, you can create it in your template file. Aspose.Cells will import and preserve it.