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Cut and paste issues:

Using aspose.grid.desktop v, have the following issues:

1. Our 'proof of principle'/Test App, is a desktop MDI application. Cutting/pasting cells via right menu clicks, between two different MDI windows containing the grids copies the data from the same cell range in the destination grid rather than the original selection. I/e/ I have an MDI window with a grid with values 1, 2, 3, 4 in cells A1-A4. Another MDI window has 5,6,7,8 in cells A1-A4. Select A1-A4 range 9with values 1 through 4) on the 1st MDI.window grid, cut and paste into the 2nd window/grid - values 5,6,7,8 are copied. Copying within the same MDi window/grid works fine

2. Our real application is a hosted UserControl on Ineternet Explorer page, do we are still using the desktop grid control. I have not yet implemented 'MDI' features, so cannot tell if problem #1 exists, but here I have problems copying/pasting within the same grid.I can copy from grid to excel (or any other app), but cannot copy / paste within the same window. Copy seems to work, I can copy from aspose grid to excel, I can copy from excel to aspose grid, but not grid tot he same grid, my 'paste' button is greyed out/disabled after a copy. Ditto for doing things via Ctrl-C/ctrl-V, so it in not just a menu issue.

The cut/paste are VERY important operation for us here, so these issues ar preventing us from purchasing your grid product, need a solution ASAP


Thanks for sharing us details,

1) We found the issue as you have mentioned regarding cut/copy/paste operation in b/w the grids in the same mdi application, we will look into the issue and figure it out soon.

2) I have tried as you have mentioned but could not re-produce the issue, could you create a sample application with details and post it here to show the issue, we will check it soon.

Thank you.


Please try the attached version. We have fixed the first issue.

Thank you.

Thanks for the fix to the MDI sheets issue,

Here is the code to reproduce the second problem. As I said, we are trying to use a WinForm control through the IE, with aspose.dektop.grid being on the control. the attached code, which puts the aspose.dektop.grid control in the object tag, not even as part of a user control. Keep in mind you may need to do "gacutil /CDL" to clear downloaded .NET cache and also clear explorer cache if you want to force a new version of aspose to be used. All you need is to create an empty solution in VS 2005 and add an existing web site mapping to the attached files. Try entering some sell values then cutting and pasting them onto the same sheet. "Paste" right click menu item is disabled. But you can paste onto Excel, or you can paste from Excel onto the grid. If the control is not on a web page, then this seems to work. This feature is VERY critical for us, we are trying to switch very experienced Excel users to the new application and need as much compatibility with Excel as possible. Obviously, if we cannot cut/paste to the same worksheet we are basically very crippled...


Thanks for the project,

We will check it and get back to you soon.

By the way, is it not better to use Aspose.Grid.Web control on the web pages? This is due to the fact that Aspose.Grid.Web control is made specially for Web scenarios where as Aspose.Grid.Desktop is created for Desktop environments.

Thank you.

Thanks for looking into this,

As far as using grid web rather desktop, it is not that simple, we are using a portal which throws a wrinkle into how ASP.Net components are used and, just as importantly, slows things down making data entry painfull for users who are accustomed to super fast importing/cutting/pasting in Excel. The grid itself is obviously not going to be by itself, it is supposed to be a part of a larger user component with look-up/validation tool bars, etc. We also need MDI - like features that are difficult to implement in the web, as users need to work on multiple documents at a time, we need more than just multiple sheet tabst. But if Aspose grid desktop cut and paste on the same sheet cannot be resolved we may have to do some redesign and fall back on either a web grid or a another vendor desktop grid. Using Winforms in IE is a way for us to use portal user validation for logins/security/built in reporting/etc, but then 'shell-out' and do a rich client type application.

Oh, an additional, very much desired issue is to have a paste-fill (pasting 1 cell value into a selected cell range fills them all). Any chance you can have this in a new relase/version? Yes, I can do this via a button, but the users are accusomed to a right click menu to do so...



Well, I think it (copy/paste operation) works similar to MS Excel. Could you elaborate and give us details where is the difference comparing the feature with MS Excel, we will check it soon.

Thank you.

2 issues here:

1. Cut and Paste does not work when using the winform grid on a web page with an tag; this is one of my original postings. See project file I have uploaded to duplicate the problem.

2. The other problem is that there is no Paste Fill functionality; I can't fill a range of cells with a value from the the cut/paste buffer. I can in excel, but not in aspose grid.

We are using your cells and word products already and I'd like to stick to using aspose throught out the project, but no cut-paste makes it impossible to use, while paste-fill not being there makes it very difficult to use (i'd have to do it in my code by adding a "fill" button on my form. But that's not what users are accustomed to, they are currently doing this via right click cut and paste


Thanks for the project.

Well, I tried following your steps, but I could not test your project you provided here. I always get blank page shown in the browser. We appreciate if you could give us complete steps/settings involved on how to display GridDesktop control in IE? After running it fine on IE, we can investigate and look into your issue more closely to figure it out.

Thank you.

You need to set the code access security/trusted zone; sorry, I just found out that by default it does not always work even in the debugger running from 'localhost'; I had my PC already set up. See attached instructions document for full steps, the sample should work (show you winform grid) once you follow the steps in the document. Basically all it takes to run aspose.grid winform control (or any user control that embeds a ser control) is to

(a) use object tag to add the control to the page, do make sure that the dll is loaded from a child folder of the virtual directory

(b) the sample does this in page_load, but one can put the tag directly in the aspx page. Any DLLs referenced by the DLL you are loading from here should be in the same folder

(c) follow the instructions to set the 'security' document. These allow the code (DLL file(s)) to be downloaded from the site and to be executed once the dll is downloaded.


Thank you for providing us the details of configuration securities.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

We have enhanced copy/paste functions within IE in Aspose.Grid.Desktop v<?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /> Please try it and let us know if it works fine for you.

Thank You & Best Regards,

Thanks!As always, great responsiveness from Aspose, both issues resolved! Paste-fill and copy/paste to the same sheet working fine, I am putting in a purchase request...

One other suggestion (not critical to my project), but in a 'nice to have' category is to duplicate Excel's show-hide comment functionality. You can currently add comment and a cell with a comment has a red corner, just like in Excel. The comment shows when a mouse hovers over the cell, but it would also be nice if comments on all cells in a sheet could be also displayed / hidden in reponse to a right click show/hide toggle menu, as in Excel.


Thanks for your feedback.

We will also check the feasibility of your requested feature regarding Comments and let you know soon.

Thank you.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as 9885) have been fixed in this update.

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