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Data Validation Behavior

Hi Laurence,

Can you help me check the following problem?

In the attached files, there are data validations on columns B, C, D, E on the first worksheet. Each of these columns requires a validation against a list of values specified in a named range (cells). The validations are defined in the template.

However, after the template is opened and saved with Aspose.Excel (the data is refreshed), the validation settings is “lost”. If you open the attached template, you can see that the dropdown button appears in the cells but the button cannot be clicked.

The validation can be turned on again by going into Excel’s “Data”->“Validations…” menu option and clicking OK.

Not sure what the problem is, do I have to reset the validation in code?


Hi Nick,

Thanks for your report. Please try this fix.

hi laurence, sorry for the late reply. the fix worked very well. thanks,