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.DataRange.Value -0.0 transformed to -8.8475644588470459E-09

is there any possible way to format values when using DataRange.Value on listObject?
I have a cell which is calculated and as a results gives -0.0 and in exported excel i see it as 0.0 but when using _book.Worksheets[0].ListObjects[0].DataRange.Value the cell’s value is -8.8475644588470459E-09. None of this helped:

  1. setting CellsHelper.SignificantDigits = 4;
  2.         StyleFlag flag = new StyleFlag();
         flag.NumberFormat = true;
         var style = _book.CreateStyle();
         style.Number = 2;
         _book.DefaultStyle = style; 
  3. book.CalculateFormula(new AsposeCalculationOptions
    PrecisionStrategy = CalculationPrecisionStrategy.Round


You may try to use _book.Worksheets[0].ListObjects[0].DataRange.SetStyle() method for your requirements.

Also, could you provide the template file (please zip the file prior attaching) that you are using, we will check it soon.

I mentioned earlier that I tried _book.Worksheets[0].ListObjects[0].DataRange.SetStyle() method and it does not affect the values i am getting with _book.Worksheets[0].ListObjects[0].DataRange.Value

I ll create an example later


Please take your time to create the example. We will be looking forward to get your sample soon,so we could evaluate your issue.