Date Format dd/MM/yyyy in wrong Category in Excel Spreadsheet

Hi, I have tried using this code to format the value to date format:

style.custom = "dd/mm/yyyy"

On the spreadsheet, the cell value displaying the value as 24/10/2009, which looks right, but when I right click on the cell and select “Format Cells”, it shows “dd/mm/yyyy” in Custom category.

How do I change the code so that the value in the Format Cells is shown in Date Category.

I have attached the sample excel file here.


Hi Matt,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

Well, your required format “dd/MM/yyyy” is not in the standard date display formats of Aspose.Cells, so you may have to set it as custom format. Please check the following documentation link for supported display formats and you may try some of them if that fits your need.

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