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I tried setting the start and end dates to a task and noticed the year always appears as 2000 with correct days/months. I tried running the demo where year is set to 2003 and same error occurs.

On a side note, any clarification on Start / Actual start / Baseline start dates? What exactly is a Start Date?


Thanks for your consideration.

It’s a small limitation of Evaluation version. Years of all dates are converted to 2000.

About Start/ActualStart/BaselineStart (from MS Project Help):

Entering an actual start date (start date: The date when a task is scheduled to begin. This date is based on the duration, calendars, and constraints of predecessor and successor tasks. A task’s start date is also based on its own calendars and constraints.) or actual finish date (finish date: The date that a task is scheduled to be completed. This date is based on the task’s start date, duration, calendars, predecessor dates, task dependencies, and constraints.) for a task changes the corresponding scheduled or planned date for that task.

Baseline (baseline plan: The original project plans [up to 11 per project] used to track progress on a project. The baseline plan is a snapshot of your schedule at the time that you save the baseline and includes information about tasks, resources, and assignments.) dates, however, are not affected by changes you make to the actual or scheduled dates.