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Dealing With Text Overflow


Was just wondering if there was a method that trims overflowing text, or deals with it by some other means.

| This is text inside |
| my shape, while |
this text is now

I have my own means of dealing with this but was curious if there was built functionality that may be a better approach then what I am taking. My current solution involves recording the area of the shape and using the font height property to estimate how much text should fit within the shape.

Please note, I do not want to alter the size of the text or shape, rather I want text that would normally display outside the shape to be cut out.


Hi Drew,

I have observed the requirements shared and like to share that Aspose.Slides offers TextFrameEx.AutofitType to accommodate fit the text or shape accordingly. However, what you are looking for is unfortunately unavailable and you may need to develop your own logic in this regard to see if the text has over flowed the shape or not. It all depends upon font type and its height.

Many Thanks,