Default Document Font

Is it possible to set the default document font to something other then Times New Roman?

I ran into an issue because I forgot to set a font name to Arial, and the document came in half Times New Roman and the other half in Arial. The original document was “Times New Roman” but was later switched to “Arial”, which I did a simple search and replace to switch. And did not notice this error until finial proofing stage.

So I am thinking ways to avoid this mistake again by setting the default document font and size.

I do not think its possible currently to change the default document font and size from what is hard coded in aspose.words.

So I would like to put in a feature request to be able to set the default document font attributes on initial document creation.


Thanks for your request. If you need to change font of the whole document, you can try using the technique as described here:
If you build your document using DocumentBuidler, you can just set default font settings before starting building the document.
Hope this helps. Please let me know if you need more assistance.
Best regards.