Default font while inserting html content into word?

1.while inserting htmlcontent into word document it is taking any default font?
2. after converting word to pdf it is taking any default font?


Thanks for your request.

  1. Yes, if in your HTML font is not specified, Aspose.Words uses standard font for the content inserted. Standard font is taken from Normal style in your document.
  2. If some font used in the document is not installed on the PC where you are performing conversion to PDF. Aspose.Words uses an alternative font. Aspose.Words selects the fonts according to the following process:
    a. Aspose.Words tries to find the required font among the fonts embedded in the original document. Some document formats such as DOCX can contain embedded fonts.
    b. Next, Aspose.Words tries to find a font on the file system with an exact font name match.
    c. If Aspose.Words cannot find a font with the exact name match, Aspose.Words attempts to select the most suitable font from all of the available fonts.
    d. Finally, if Aspose.Words cannot find any fonts on the file system, it renders the document using the free Gentium font that is embedded into the Aspose.Words assembly.

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