Delete line after moving to bookmark?

I would like to movetobookmark and then delete the line the bookmark is on.
Is this possible?

Thanks for your inquiry. You can delete paragraph where bookmark is placed.


Also you can remove content inside bookmark.

doc.Range.Bookmarks["book"].Text = string.Empty; 

But you can’t remove particular line of the document. Aspose.Words document represents content and formatting of a document, not its layout into lines and pages. This feature is called pagination and it is not released yet. Please see FAQ for more information.
Best regards.

How do I write this using comHelper?


Thanks for your request. Please try using the following code:

'Create a ComHelper
Dim helper
Set helper = CreateObject("Aspose.Words.ComHelper")
'Open document
Dim Doc
Set Doc = helper.Open(Server.MapPath("in1.doc"))
'Remove bookmark content
Doc.Range.Bookmarks.Item_2("myBookmark").Text = ""
'Remove Bookmark
'Save document
doc.Save Server.MapPath("out.doc")

Hope this helps.
Best regards.