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Delete Old Acount

I tried a support chat and was told that I should post my issue here. Basically my company changed names and I can no longer receive emails at the email address I originally created the account with. I have subsequently created a new account so I could do the support chat. Can I either get my old account’s email address updated and delete the new account or can I have the old account deleted and I will use the new Aspose account.


Hi Tim,

Thanks for contacting Aspose.

You may use your new account for chat or forums etc. Your old account will not be accessible by anyone, so you should not be worried about that.

I hope this helps.

I’d like my account deleted too. You really need a mechanism to do so. Saying “don’t worrry” is a worrying answer.

Hi Guys,

I have communicated your concerns to the relevant team to take further action.


As per your request. We have deleted those accounts.