Deleting pictures from original template


I am using Aspose power point 1.5.1 and have a template with two pictures, which I am uploading in a seperate email. In the format picture of the power point template, I call the default image Profile. If an image exists on our SQL Server database, I add the image via
Dim picid As Integer = pres.Pictures.Add(New Picture(pres, PhoneImageRetrieval(productKey, imageType)))
pf.PictureId = picid
Where PhoneImageRetrieval retrieves the image from the SQL Server database.

Now our user doesn’t want a default image, which I use to position the picture. Is there a way to delete this image in 1.5.1? If so, how would I do this? If not, how would I solve the problem?


I did find a work around, which is to make the original place holder images pure white (which blend in with a white power point template background). But I like to know if the current Aspose Power Point software allows picture deletes, and if so, can you share a code example on how to accomplish it?


Dear Randy,

I hope you mean PictureFrame but not place holder.
For deleting picture frames and any other shapes (except placeholders) you can use Shapes.RemoveAt method.