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Delivering aspose.cells for ssrs to user via browser


We are evaluating aspose.cells for ssrs. What we would like to do is have a link on a webpage that when pressed will deliver our report to the user in excel format.

Currently we use ssrs native reporting and the asp.net reportviewer. Our main reason to to user the reportviewer is because the report viewer handles ssrs authentication. Without the viewer, the user is going to a URL and they could be anyone, therefore they need to be authenticated which is something we want to avoid.

When we show the reports generated with aspose.cells for ssrs in the report viewer they show all the &=functions, as expected, so we can not got that route.


1. Is it possible to render the report using the ReportServer rs:format get parameter. I have tried rs:format = XLS - Excel Workbook via Aspose.Cells and reporting server could not recognize the format, I also tried XLS as a value and that did not work either. What if any is the value I should be setting for rs:format.

2. Is it possible to have the report viewer render or pop up a report in excel.

3. If 3 is not possible, is it possible to authenticate with ssrs without the report viewer and work this problem via the browser. I would assume that Obstacle 1 comes into play at that point.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Dean,

We will get back to you for your queries.

Thank you.

Hi Dean,

1. Please try rs:format=ACXLS (or ACXLSX, ACXML, ACCSV, ACTXT). Please note capitalization

2. Please install Aspose.Cells.ReportingServices.Client. Click View Report button , choose SSRS URL , preview report .

3. Realize authenticate with SSRS in Aspose.Cells.ReportingServices.Client.