Demo issues


Please bare with me because I’m a newbie when it comes to (just started learning it this week)

I have downloaded and installed the Aspose.Excel demo and am trying to evaluate it’s worth in creating template based excel reports via an ASP web application.

I’m trying to start off simple by creating a “Hello World” excel sheet without luck.

I have the file “test.aspx” at root with the following code inside it:

I get an error “Type ‘Excel’ is not defined.”

I tried adding a “/bin” along with the .dll files into the root directory as they are in the demo. No success.

I tried adding the code to the top without success:
<%@ Import Namespace=“Aspose.Excel” %>

If I go into the IIS service manager and add root as an application, it gets rid of the error at the Excel definition, but then craps out on the “PutValue()” line saying that Cell1 should be defined.

What am I doing wrong?

- Brenton


Hi Brenton,

Please put the following code to your test.aspx and have a try.

<%@ Import Namespace=“Aspose.Excel” %>