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Demo version "hello World"

I have installed the demo version of the Aspose excel for c# visual studios .net.
after searching message boards and your help pages … i attempted the hello world script.

… code

//Create a new Excel object

Excel excel = new Excel();

//Put data

Cells cells = excel.Worksheets[0].Cells;

cells[“A1”].PutValue(“Hello, World”);


//Save file to disk

excel.Save(“C:\HelloWorld.xls”, FileFormatType.Default);

this creates a file called helloworld in my c: directory but the file contains the demo text only and no trace of the cell information. i have tried ti switch the cells to different locations but still no result as well as no error .
is there a block on the demo version not allowing you to output to the excell sheet?
any info would be great! thanks

There should be 2 worksheets in your file. License worksheet is the last one. Please shift to the first worksheet to see your data.

K thanks

so if i have an out put excell file with 3 pages … the last will contain the demo text (licence) and the first two will contain the begining part of the data im looking for?

Yes. The license worksheet is always the last one and shows at the start. When you license Aspose.Excel, it will be removed.