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Designer grid lines appear when rendering in Word

Hi there,

I have a SSRS 2005 report that I need to render in Word format. If I render this report as a PDF things are fine, but if I render with Aspose.Word I see the designer gridlines in the final result. I’m attaching the rdl file to the post in case you want to try it yourself or investigate further, along with a Word and PDF rendering of the report.

If you’ve seen this before and know of a fix I can apply on my end, I’d be glad to hear of it.



Hi Larry,

Thanks for your request. When you open your report in MS Word you see thin blue dashed borders. This is how MS Word shows transparent borders.

If you do not want to see these borders, you should just disable “View Gridlines” option in MS Word (See the attached screenshot). This option is not stored in the document, so there is no way to disable it on document level.

Best regards,

Thanks very much Alexi. Your advice worked perfectly.