designersheet.Cell.Style to temp.Cell.Style


How do I get a Cell.Style from a designer sheet to an array of cell styles.

For example:
Dim style() as Styles
style(0) = objExcel.Worksheets(0).Cells.Item(0,0).Style
style(1) = objExcel.Worksheets(0).Cells.Item(0,1).Style

This code does not work.

I cannot get the style from the designer sheet which I have predefined.
I am “Nothing” returned back. I do not get any object type returned.

Thank you Chris


Dear Chris,

Thanks for your consideration.

The Styles collection only contains the style objects set in API. If you want to change the style of a cell, you can create a style object and set the properties by code.


I Understand, I can set the style objects by way of API. But here at Hilton, we need the capability to get the cell style from the designersheet which has been predefined in the designersheet. Please let me know if this will be feasible. If not we may have to look at another alternative.

Thanks Chris Medearis


Dear Chris,

Sure it is feasible. Because previously our users had not asked for it, and it will take certain time to do, I do not supply this feature.

Now I am doing some other features, so I could not implement this function right now. I will complete my handy work as soon as possible. And my plan is to do this feature at the start of Novemeber and complete it before 11/15.

Will that meet your need?