Detect and remove black circular wholes from an image

How to detect and remove black circular wholes from an image.

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“black circular wholes” term need more clarification. It will a help if you could share an image about it.

In case you you are talking about Threshold, it is actually the percentage of the black pixels in the OMR mark area to consider it as filled. Setting the mark threshold level allows Aspose.OCR to determine which area is actually filled. This value directs how leniently or strictly the API will interpret the OMR marks. The default FillThreshold value is set to 0.45 whereas the maximum value is 1.0.

Hi, Here i attach sample image file with punch hole mark, which is i converted from pdf to png.
26Sep2017030845.pdf_1.png (3.7 KB)

Note: This is not OMR document and that circle are not in permanent place , may be it move to top or bottom.



Aspose.OCR API cannot remove the circles from the image. However black spots can be detected if they are permanent in place.