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Determining OLE Object Link

Before processing and moving a presentation, I would like to see if there are any object links that could be broken by the move.

I can see the OleObjectFrame contains fields called LinkPath. But those fields are not filled in when I paste an object into a slide e.g. a section of an excel spreadsheet.

ObjectIsLink is true for pasted information but I can’t tell where it was pasted from. Is there some other way to determine the source?


Dear JP,

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May be it is embedded and properties are wrongly set. We need to investigate it. Please attach the source presentation as well as excel sheet. Write down the steps you performed for pasting the spreadsheet (or any other thing) to reproduce the problem.

When I copy and pasted the cells from spreadsheet onto the slide, then it created a MS-PowerPoint table on the slide and did not embed or link any OLE object. So that’s why I am asking you to write down steps.

I’m happy to explain further.

All of this is tested under office 2003, using the slides.dll version and

I attached a zip that contains 2 ppts and an excel sheet.

Link_Insert.ppt works as expected. This is accomplished by selecting Insert -> Object, then choosing “Create from file” and checking link. When I read the ppt into Aspose I can see the LinkPath filled in for this shape.

The Link_PasetSpecial.ppt is different. To reproduce open the Excel file, select some cells copy them, then goto Powerpoint select Edit -> Paste Special, choose “Paste link” as excel worksheet object.

When reading with Aspose, the LinkPath is blank even thought ObjectIsLink is true.

Thanks for looking into this.

Have you been able to determine why objectLink is blank when pasting stuff(e.g. copied cells) as links into PowerPoint?