Development status of converting HTML + CSS



I have read some posts regarding Aspose.Word not yet being able to convert HTML with CSS. We are badly in need of such a component. Do you know when Aspose.Word is capable of converting HTML with CSS? Or maybe there’s already a beta available?

If not, do you know about a component that does the trick?

Thanx in advance,

Domingo Sanchez
Software Engineer
The Netherlands

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Sorry there is no update on HTML + CSS import availability so far. It will be supported in several months.


I realize this is an old thread, but is this (HTML + CSS) supported yet? If so, can you point me in the right direction to see how to use this functionality?


All the supported conversion features are described here:

As you can see, we do support inline styles but the whole CSS will be supported in the future. Just try to open and save your document with Aspose.Words and see if the result satisfies you. If you are experiencing particular problems of converting, you can attach the document here and specify what gets converted incorrectly.