DGN to Pdf Conversion

When trying to open a dgn file from a stream for conversion to PDF, I am getting the following exception for some of the files I am testing with.
Cannot open an image. The image file format may be not supported at the moment
It does work for some dgn files, but not all.
Are there known limitations for the DGN file formats?
I can provide source code and sample files upon request.

please attach code sample and the file (or few) for further investigation on our side. We support only v7 DGN file format at the moment.

CadConverter.zip (264.6 KB)
Hi Oleksii,
Attached is a zip file which contains a sample c# program, and some sample files. Based upon your feedback above, the files which say they are DGN V7 convert with no issues, but the DGN V8 formats throw the exception.

Hi, unfortunately, the specification for DGN V8 is not available, so implementation is not possible at the moment.
I believe, you have no problems with the second “nikon” file you have attached, because it is V7 and seems to be working fine.

Hi Oleksii,

Thanks for the details. Yes, the Nikon image was fine, and was included to show that the code indeed works when a V7 format file is provided.

Thanks for all of your help.

Thank you for your feedback