Diagram Java force rerouting of the connectors

I create shapes and connect them using the defaults.

When I open the created file, I see something like this:
image.png (115.3 KB)

Once I move any one of the connectors, I see:

image.png (25.0 KB)

Which is what I want to see when I first open it, I have forced a refresh on every shape (connectors as well)
But it does not work.

I want the shapes to stay where they are, and I have set protections on all shapes.

If I set the Layout Options:

LayoutOptions options = new LayoutOptions();

It moves some of the shapes, but not all, and it breaks the object grouping.

As well I find these two settings seem to do the same thing:




What i want to set is the minimum distance between the connector lines and the shape object.

What should I do?

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  Issue ID(s): DIAGRAMJAVA-51075

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