Different compare result

I have problem with compare 2 word documents:
DocB.docx (18.6 KB)
DocA.docx (17.2 KB)

Following example code:

Document doc1=new Document("DocA.docx");
Document doc2=new Document("DocB.docx");
CompareOptions compareOptions = new CompareOptions();
doc1.compare(doc2, " ", Calendar.getInstance().getTime(), compareOptions);

Give different result then comparing in word. Bullet list somehow keeps font family from previous list but in word it has proper font family:

Can we do something with this behavior?

@ANDREA.FARRIS Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce the problem on my side. Here is the output document produced on my side: Res.docx (19.7 KB)

I use the latest 23.1 version of Aspose.Words for Java for testing.

Confirmed in 23.1 it works as expected. in 22.12 was the issue. Ticket could be closed

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