Different errors on diagram while scaling decision


I use Aspose.Diagram to create different telecom connections schemes. One page can include from approximately 20 shapes to several thousand shapes. Also there are connection points and connectors.

In common scheme generation works well. Impressive beautiful layouts are generated with your library. But every now and then I see that few shapes on a layout are placed erroneously. Sometimes a shape is placed with wrong coordinates, sometimes a shape is drawn with wrong height or wrong width. It is not easy to reproduce these cases becasuse I do not understand the certain input data sets when this happens.

I will try to reproduce these issues by generating different layouts and scaling them by increasing the number of shapes.
In my first snippet there is a simple drawn rectangle and ports on it. When you launch it you will be asked for the number of port shapes in the switch shape. When the number is 1 <= x <=18 it is drawn well. But when the number is over 19 something goes wrong. Please, try to find the cause of the problem. Thank you.

Aspose_PortsShifted_20_11.zip (156 Bytes)

Thank you for your inquiry.
It seems that the sample code is missing,the file in zip is empty.
Could you please share your current code that you are using,We will evaluate your issue further.

I’m sorry. Here is it.
Aspose_PortsShifted_20_11.zip (982 Bytes)

Thanks for the sample code.
After an initial testing, I am able to reproduce the issue as you mentioned by using your template file. I found when the number is over 19,the position of shape goes wrong.

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Issue ID(s): DIAGRAMNET-53231

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