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Different line spacing


I have two PowerPoint (44.6 KB) that I produce with Aspose slides. Both contain exactly the same shape with two lines of text “AAA\r(123)”.
In 1.pptx the text cannot fit in the shape while in 2.pptx everything is OK. Looks like the line spacing is different, but it is not…
Interesting thing is that if I’ll copy one shape (with text) form first file to the second, then the shapes are adapting to the style of the second presentation.

It seems that there is a setting in presentation level that is different on those two files.
Can you please help?

Kind regards,


I have observed the issue shared by you and request you to please share the sample code and source file (if any) reproducing the issue on your end. Please share the requested information so that we may help you further in this regard.

Sorry for the late response. You can find what you asked here (71.5 KB).


I have worked with the source project shared by you and have been able to observe the issue. An issue with ID SLIDESNET-41748 has been created in our issue tracking system to further investigate the issue. This thread has been linked with the issue so that you may be notified once the issue will be fixed.