Different text layout in output PDF between MS Word 2016 and Aspose

Aspose appears to render Word documents to Word 2010 format.
Some documents that have been created in Word 2016 and rendered to pdf using Aspose are displaying differently.

If the document is opened using Word 2010 it will match the pdf rendition.
If the document is opened using Word 2016 the pdf will differ in layout to the pdf rendition.


Thanks for your inquiry. Please share your input and output documents as ZIP file here. We will look into the rendering issue and will guide you accordingly.

Zip file has been uploaded. Contains a Word document, pdf generated by aspose and pdf generated by Word 2013. in the item generate by Aspose, the numbered item 3 of the documents renders on the first page, where as the original and the Word generated pdf displays on the 2nd page.

file to send to aspose.zip (238.2 KB)


Thanks for sharing the resource document. We have tested the scenario and noticed the reported issue. We have logged a ticket WORDSNET-16086 in our issue tracking system for further investigation and rectification. We will notify you as soon as it is resolved.

We are sorry for sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi, has there been any progress on this issue?

@davno Unfortunately, the issue is not resolved yet. The issue occurs because Aspose.Words does not support text wrapping around floaters in header/footer. Your document contains a floating table in the footer and one empty paragraph after it.
Implementing text wrapping in header/footer is a new feature and currently implementation of this feature has been postponed. Please accept our apologizes for your inconvenience.

Hi Jeff

Aspose update for the items I asked about for formatting Word documents.
These are the ones I mentioned to you yesterday that have been around for years.


@davno Just to explain why implementation of some features is postponed for years. MS Word has a very wide range of features, some of them are popular and used more often then other. On other hand is the feature complexity, some features are relatively easy to implement other are extremally complex and undocumented. So taking in account both these factors we make a decision about prioritizing the feature implementation. But we always do our best to provide a high quality software with minimum limitations.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as WORDSNET-16086) have been fixed in this Aspose.Words for .NET 23.5 update also available on NuGet.