Diffrent Assembly Version each release


at my company I have the problem that many applications has dependencies to Aspose tools. We register the Aspose DLLs at the GAC and all Applications are building against a specific version. If I like to update the Aspose version I force all depandent application to rebuild agaist the new version because of the diffrent Assembly version. How is the best practise to avoide rebuilding all applications when updating. Is it possible to have Aspose DLLs where the assembly Version is constant?



The assembly version gets changed with every release of the API because it helps determining that which version of the API is latest and has latest changes. Additionally, it helps tracking development, testing and building of the API. We are afraid that we may not be able to make it constant as it is involved in our internal processes.

Furthermore, best practice to use assemblies from GAC is to replace them by removing older ones and installing new DLLs. This process is intentional and it avoids accidental replacements of the assemblies. In case you need further assistance, please feel free to let us know.



Adding more to our previous response, you can try setting SpecificVersion to false in dependency to Aspose DLLs. This may force using latest assemblies every time. We hope this may help you.


thanks for the fast reply.
The option SpecificVersion is only relevant at compile time. At runtime a application is always looking for the assambly which it was build with. So that doesn’t solve my problem.
For example I have a system with the Aspose Versions 19.5 registered in the GAC. All our applications are build against this Version 19.5. Let’s pretend ther is a security fix in version 19.6. I register the version in the GAC and want to remove the insecure version 19.5 from my customers system. With the same assembly version I force now all my depandant applications to build and deploy again with the version 19.6. I can’t simply replace the version at the customers system.
At my company we keep the assembly version constant and keep track of development using the file version.
Anyway, if you have any further idea how we can handle this problem I would apriciate any suggestions.
I could imagining to write a wrapper to capsulate the Aspose funktionalities for our applications and keep the wrapper assembly version constant. Than I would have to rebuild only my wrapper when I like to update the Aspose Version. Would this be a legal way to solve this or ar there any terms in the license conditions that forbid to build a wrapper for aspose DLLs.
Thanks for your help.



We have logged an investigation ticket as PDFNET-46963 in our issue tracking system to look deeper into this matter. We will further investigate the possible solutions to your problem and will share our feedback/suggestions with you as soon as ticket is resolved. Please spare us some time.