Digital sign in a specific location in a PDF

Hi… How do I place the digital signature in a specific location on the PDF.

I have a multi page PDF on the last page is ‘Signature____________________________’ how do I add the digital signature on this line? thx


You can set rectangular coordinates in the sign method to place them in a specific location.

How do I place them at specific location a line ‘Signature_____________________’


I request you to share the PDF file for our investigations.

What? You want me to upload the PDF… where can I do it privately?


You can send the information privately to us by clicking on my name icon in my post and using Message option. It will be a private message directly sent to me. Please notify us here as well once you have sent the private message.

TEST.pdf (34.6 KB)

here’s a test file… I need to add the signature on page 2 “Signature________”

The text may not always be on page 2 … count be on 3,4 etc…



We have tried different coordinates and found out that you can use the following coordinates for your requirements.

signature.Sign(2, true, new System.Drawing.Rectangle(130,90,200,200),pkcs);

2 is the page number that you can adjust.

The ‘signature’ is not always at the this position. If the text is shorter it may be a farther up in the page. Do you understand? thx


You need to check different coordinates and then decide which position to use as per your requirements. The API can not figure out the position by itself.