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Digital signature for .excel files

Dose ASPOSE.Cells(Java) support the signing of .excel files?

Aspose.Cells for Java provides supports signing excel files. See the document with example code for your reference:

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You are welcome.



I used digital-signature for excel files, and I have a couple of questions.

I used following to this link

  1. And attached you can find my signed excel file. But when I open it, I cant see that my document is digitally signed on top of the editor. (Microsoft Excel) Why?
  2. When I pass the wrong PASSWORD on the following code, it works without exceptions.
    DigitalSignature signature = new DigitalSignature(inputKeyStore, PASSWORD,“test for sign”, DateTime.getNow()); Why?
  3. Is there a visible signature for excel files?

p.s. When I call workbook.getDigitalSignature(); from the signed document, I receive the signature info.


It seems that you have missed to attach the template files. You may share your sample file, sample certificate file and runnable sample console application for our testing. We will reproduce the issue here and share our feedback accordingly.

@ahsaniqbalsidiqui , oh yes sorry!
Here is all information : signExcel.zip (22.7 KB)

Could you please apply temporary license and create the output file without evaluation limitations.

I have attached the output file. Testsigned.zip (10.9 KB)


Yes I can.

Does it mean that the problem is from there?

I opened your attached file, but I cant see signature, or that file is protected.

Bellow attached screenshot

Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 14.47.52.png (461.7 KB)

I have observed that when I open the Excel file with signature in Windows environment (MS Excel for office 365) it shows the signature information, however when same file is opened in MS Excel for macOS, it does not show signature information in the Excel file. Could you please share your environment details?

You may also sign your Excel file using MS Excel only and see if it shows you the required information or not. Here when I add my valid sign to the Excel file, it shows signature information in MS Windows but does not show in MS Excel for macOS. This is the exact behavior which is shown by output created by Aspose.Cells.

You may ignore the testing with the temporary license as it does not effect this scenario.
SignatureWithoutLicense.PNG (26.1 KB) (Windows)

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Dear @ahsaniqbalsidiqui, thank you very much!

It seems that my excel version in mac-os is not a good version! I will update it and then I will check. Thank you for your effort.

You are welcome.