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Direct-to-File Mode?

We’d like to use Aspose.Word to export reports but performance is critical. The direct-to-file mode in Aspose.Pdf made it possible to complete our PDF exporter. Is there such a feature for Aspose.Word?

Thanks, Natan.

We think Aspose.Word is fast enough right now, you can literally process thousands of documents per minute. It would be a good idea if you do your performance tests and if you are not happy, come back to us with your files and we will likely to be able to improve it even further.

My concern is primarily with a Word document that contains a Table object with 50,000 rows. The entire thing will have to be kept in memory and the Save() method might take a long time. Have you tested such a scenario?

Unfortunately MS Word files are designed in such a way that they have to be kept fully in memory (it is possible to keep images on the disk but that’s it). A table with 50K rows is a significant size for a Word document and I’m sure MS Word itself will pretty much struglle with such a file. I think you have to do this experimentally.

We tested on several large files (not large tables though), but primarily our performance testing was around files of 5-20 pages with seems to be used by most of the business documents and Aspose.Word can process or produce tons and tons of such documents quickly.