Disable the right click menu options: ASPOSE.Grid.Web


I have downloaded your trial version, since my company is trying to find a new Excel like component to add to our existing product. I founded your product in the Web and it seems that it fits a lot to our needs.
Before buying your product we should be sure that its behaviour is what we are expecting for our project.
I have some questions regarding your product I couldn't manage to solve them by myself:
Is it possible to disable the options of the right click menu: for example I don't want my user to Format the Cell, so it would be perfect for us, if it could be disabled.
I would like to ask you if it is possible to position the right click menu in the center of the page???
Thanks in advance for your reply
Kind regards
Erjona Ustabeqiri

Hi Erjona,

Thanks for considering Aspose.

Well, there some properties of the GridWeb control that you can use to disable/enable the context menu items.

EnableClientColumnOperations, EnableClientFreeze, EnableClientMergeOperations, EnableClientRowOperations, EnableStyleDialogbox

You may use GridWeb's EnableStyleDialogbox property to set it false to disable Format Cell dialog box.

For customizing the position of context menu, actually we follow MS Excel standards and you can see that the control's context menu works in the same way as MS Excel.

Thank you.


thank you for your quick response. I disabled the format cell option, but I can not change the position of the right click menu. It is positioned in the top - left side of the page.

I would as well like to ask you some more questions:

I am trying to leave to the user the possibility to interact with the application.
What I'd like to know is that if there is any possibility to store all these changes to a database: example if the users are adding formulas to some cells I would like to know if it is possible to save the formula to the database.

I've binded the Grid.Web to my database, and I was able to extract data and show them. I saw in some of your examples that you are using:


but I want to decide by myself where these data should be positioned on the page. Could you please tell me if this is possible?

If yes, could you please send me an example?

Thanks in adavance


Hi Erjona,

Well, your context menu displaying issue might be caused by wrong xhtml settings. Please check your aspx file(s) source codes, if there is line.

1) If the line is

The GridWeb.XhtmlMode should be set to TRUE.

2) If the line is

or there is no tag at all, the GridWeb.XhtmlMode should be set to FALSE.

Kindly let us know if your issue is resolved now.

For data binding, you may specify where you want to place your data in the grid. You can use WebWorksheet.BindStartRow and WebWorksheet.BindStartColumn to specify the position in the sheet. You can also perform data binding at runtime using your own code. Please check the data binding demos:

See the docs also: http://www.aspose.com/documentation/visual-components/aspose.grid-for-.net/data-binding.html

And for saving formula in data binding mode, I am afraid you have to use your own code to save the formulas in the cells to your data source if you require.

Thank you.