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Disable updating content controls in office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.)

Hi Alexey.
Thanks for your help, we decided to disable UpdateSdtContent save option (set to False) before saving Word documents.

I have one more question though. Since I don’t see UpdateSdtContent save option in any other Aspose family library except Aspose.Words, can you assert that StructuredDocumentTags only exists in Word documents?
If they do exist in other documents too, can you answer to those questions, please?

  • Does Aspose have the ability to modify (update or whatever) that data for other file types except Word (we already got the answer for Word - it can and updates SDT content by default).
  • Do we have an ability to control whether it modifies that data for other file types other than Word? If no, what is the default behavior in other file types?

@vahem I moved this question into the Aspose.Total forum, so my colleagues from other teams can answer you.

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For MS Excel file formats (XLS, XLSX, XLSM, XLSB, etc.), one can use Worksheet Protection option(s) to disable contents/data or other objects accordingly. Aspose.Cells does support to protect worksheets with your desired options for the purpose. See the documents for your reference:

Moreover, if this does not support your needs, please share your template Excel file (you may zip prior attaching here) that shows your desired behavior using built-in MS Excel features/options. Also, provide details on how you accomplish the task in MS Excel manually for your requirements. We will check and help you on how to do it via Aspose.Cells APIs.

To help us better understand the issue with Aspose.Slides, please share the following data and information:

  • input presentation file
  • code example with Aspose.Slides that demonstates the problem
  • Aspose.Slides version you used
  • other additional information (screenshots, etc.)


I work with OP, @vahem. Thank you for your reply.

Context for this is that we want to disable updating StructuredDocumentTags in our tool that modifies Word documents. Please see seminal discussion on this (which originated with Word documents): Empty checkboxes in DOCM files are ticked after processing the files through Aspose.Words 22.4

Now we need to understand the scene for other Aspose-supported file types regarding the same thing. What we want to know specifically is if Word documents are the only file type supported by any Aspose library which contains StructuredDocumentTags.

If any other Aspose-supported file types than Word documents do contain StructuredDocumentTags, then we’d like to know:

  1. Which file types those are that contain StructuredDocumentTags. A complete list of which file types contain that.
  2. Does Aspose have the ability to modify (update or whatever) the StructuredDocumentTags in any of those types (other than Word)? Which file types?
  3. For any file types which are yes for (1) and for (2), does Aspose provide a way to enable/disable modifying (updating or whatever) the StructuredDocumentTags? In which files does Aspose support this? In which does it offer control over this? In which file types that are yes for (1) and for (2) does Aspose not offer control over this?

Thank you for any help/info you can offer here!

Dear @Andrey_Potapov,

Please see my reply to @Amjad_Sahi from a moment ago. It clarifies what OP is asking and why we want that data.

Unfortunately, I have not managed to find information about the StructuredDocumentTags in PowerPoint documents. It looks like it is specific for Word documents.


Please note, Excel files (XLSX/XLS, XLSM, XLSB, etc.) do not contain StructuredDocumentTags, so it is out of context.