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Discrepancy getting OleObjects count between Aspose Cells and Excel object models

I have a collection of Excel workbooks that I need to get the count of embedded OLE objects from. These are documents I have created for the purposes of testing. Using the Excel object model, the return value for worksheet.OleObjects.Count returns the correct number. Using Aspose.Cells, the return value for Sheet.OleObjects.Count is always 0.

My code: (assume a valid Cells.Workbook in ExcelDoc)

Dim Sheet As Cells.Worksheet

Dim I As Integer = 0

For Each Sheet In ExcelDoc.Worksheets

I += Sheet.OleObjects.Count


Return I

End Function

I have attached one of the documents I'm working with for reference.

Am I doing something wrong?



I tested using your code with our template file, it results extact no. of OleObjects in the spreadsheet. Which version of Aspose.Cells you are using? Please try the attached version.

Thank you.

I'm using version

I just purhchased ASPOSE.Total last week. I will try reinstalling and if that does not work, I will try the version you attached. Thank you.

I uninstalled and reinstalled my existing version of ASPOSE.Cells, but that did not help. I tried using the version you sent me, and now it gets the OLE object count correctly for the workbooks I can open, but now it is also throwing an OutOfMemoryException on some workbooks that it was not throwing previously. I've attached the file that its getting the exception on. It breaks on the following code:

ExcelDoc = New Cells.Workbook



Thanks for the template file.

We will check and get back to you soon.

Thanks for being patient!


Please try this fix.