Disjoint functionality between Aspose.PDF and Aspose.PDF.Kit


I am currently rewriting our document production system from using a full-featured PDF library to using Aspose components for various business reasons. We have already purchased a licence for all Aspose components.

However I am having trouble reproducing functionality using the Aspose components. One of the issues that I am having is the apparently unnecessary split between Aspose.PDF and Aspose.PDF.Kit.

The current issue that I am having is attempting to reproduce the functionality to concatenate multiple documents into a single PDF stream. The process is to load multiple pdf forms into memory, populate them using a datasource, concatenate them into a single PDF document inserting blank pages to ensure correct duplex printing and then stream the resulting document to the client. There doesn't seem to be any way to do this with the current Aspose components. The existing component does not differentiate between PDF documents and PDF Form documents. Therefore I can populate the document and then modify it using a single class.

Here is the code I use with the existing component.

' Append the document to the end of the composite document.

Dim copyPages As ArrayList = New ArrayList

Dim pEnd As PageIterator = newPdfDoc.PageEnd()

Dim pItr As PageIterator = newPdfDoc.PageBegin()

While Not pItr.Equals(pEnd)

If (pItr.GetPageNumber() >= Me.StartPage) And _

(pItr.GetPageNumber() <= Me.EndPage Or Me.EndPage = 0) Then


End If


End While

Dim importedPages As ArrayList = pdf.ImportPages(copyPages)

For page As Integer = 0 To importedPages.Count - 1



' Ensure we alweays append an even number of pages when duplex printing

If m_duplex And pdf.GetPagesCount Mod 2 = 1 Then


End If



Thank you for considering Aspose.

You are right. We will study this issue and try to improve the interface of our products.



I imagine integrating the products and the standardising the interfaces will take quite a while. Can the functionality that I require be added to the concatenation functionality already contained within PDF.Kit? Basically I require an extra parameter to the PDFEditor.Concatenate method that specifies whether blank pages should be inserted into the resulting document to ensure that duplex printing still works correctly.


Our developers are discussing this issue and your requirements will be considered sufficiently.