Display multilevel grouping category in chart (C# .NET)

I have to create category grouping in x axis . I have attached image and marked as red color… As per the image i need to create x axis. So which function i need to use to display that format… Could you please provide me a sample code… I don’t know how to add it… multilevel category.png (6.1 KB)


I have observed the requirement image. It is actually a multi level category chart. I suggest you to please visit this documentation link for your kind reference. The shared article fulfills your complete requirements.

@mudassir.fayyaz Thanks for your response. i will refer your document.

I need one more information . Do we have any option to export IChart(aspose slide created chart) as image in Aspose slide?


The API allow you to generate any shape thumbnail including charts. Please visit this documentation link for your kind reference.

@mudassir.fayyaz Thanks for your support. i got my result as expected :slight_smile:

@mudassir.fayyaz Thanks for your support.
I’m able to convert as image but not able to get exact image. chart horizontal axis is not coming in the correct format, getting rotated text…I need to replicate same as chart format. I have attached sample and and PPTsSample code.zip (30.3 KB)

@RajRitheesh ,

I am unable to understand what desired result you are trying to achieve. Can you please share the desired output presentation that I can observe on my end to help you further.

@mudassir.fayyaz I have missed one file while attaching the code …
I’m generating chart in aspose slide and converting it into image using Getthumbnail(). while doing, i’m getting one formatting issue in horizontal axis(date category). I have attached all the related document.Sample code.zip (95.8 KB)


I have worked with the sample code shared by you and like to share that I have observe the issue in generated thumbnail where category axis text direction is changed. An issue with ID SLIDESNET-41990 has been created in our issue tracking system to investigate and resolve the issue. This thread has been linked with the issue so that you may be notified once the issue will be fixed.

@mudassir.fayyaz Thanks for your updates :slight_smile:

The issues you have found earlier (filed as SLIDESNET-41990) have been fixed in this update.