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Display2DText Not working in GS1DataMatrix

Dear Support Staff,

I am using Aspose.net Barcode and trying to generate GS1DataMatrix with some text on right side. I have tested it with DataMatrix and it works fine. But when i choose symbology to GSDataMatrix no text display.

Please have a look at this issue.

Many Thanks


Please use the code snippet given below to generate GS1DataMatrix Barcode with text on the right. Please make sure that you are using the latest version of Aspose.BarCode API.

using (BarCodeBuilder builder = new BarCodeBuilder("(90)08431107301111452287005001T8", EncodeTypes.GS1DataMatrix))
    builder.CodeLocation = CodeLocation.Right;
    builder.Display2DText = "Sample Text";

    Bitmap barcode = builder.GenerateBarCodeImage();

We hope that this answered your question. Please feel free to reach us if additional information is required.

Dear Ahmad,
I am very thankful for your prompt reply. Unfortunately, the code snippet you sent, didn’t work. My application is in vb.net. So, I implement it in vb. I am attaching screenshot for your reference. I am using Aspose.Net v18.
GS1DataMatrix Issue.png (8.4 KB)


Thank you for your feedback. We tested this scenario in Visual Basic .NET but were unable to reproduce the issue. We used the latest version of Aspose.BarCode for .NET API for testing. The sample code snippet used for testing is given below.

Dim builder As BarCodeBuilder = New BarCodeBuilder("(90)08431107301111452287005001T8", EncodeTypes.GS1DataMatrix)
builder.CodeLocation = CodeLocation.Right
builder.Display2DText = "Sample Text"
Dim barcode As Bitmap = builder.GenerateBarCodeImage

We have attached the generated BarCode image for your convenience.
TestGS1DataMatrix.png (526 Bytes)

Thanks for your prompt response. I found your support best.