Do not include a column in a Pivot Table

Hi, I wanted to filter out a blank column on my pivot table. See attachment for my sample pivot table and chart. I don’t want the column J to be included in my pivot table and chart, since it is a blank column, is there a way to add filtering to the pivot table field type column? (12.7 KB)


Thanks for the sample file.

See and try the following sample code to accomplish your task for your reference. I added pivot filters to your existing pivot table in your provided file, applied filters as per your needs and re-saved the file for your requirements.
Sample code:

            Workbook workbook = new Workbook("e:\\test2\\out.xlsx");
            Worksheet worksheet = workbook.Worksheets[0];
            PivotTable pivotTable = worksheet.PivotTables[0];
            int index = pivotTable.PivotFilters.Add(0, PivotFilterType.CaptionEqual);
            PivotFilter filter = pivotTable.PivotFilters[index];
            filter.AutoFilter.Custom(0, FilterOperatorType.Equal, "?*");


Hope, this helps a bit.