Doc -> HTML- Image src references

When converting Doc to HTML, if the Doc has images that are linked (not embedded) it seems that Aspose alters the src references much as it would (and should) for embedded images. The images do not display.
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

I’m getting a bit closer … actually it kind of looks like Aspose is changing the img src attributes to reference skeletal images that Aspose creates meant to indicate that it couldn’t find the files originally referred to (the little red x).
But the original image files are where they are referenced in the DOC (and show up nicely when the doc is opened in word), so I don’t know why it is resorting to that.
Anyway, still a problem for me, but the point is to say that the resulting html does in fact refer to existing images, but not the ones the doc properly references.


Thanks for your inquiry. HTML format does not allow embedding images. I think you should use MHTML instead of HTML. MHTML is a single file (web page archive) that contains HTML and all images inside it. Use SaveFormat.Mhtml.
Best regards.