DOC to PDF Release Notes

  1. Not all document features are currently supported when converting from DOC to PDF and some formatting might be lost.

    2. Aspose.Word and Aspose.Pdf teams are working to improve the accuracy of conversion and support all document features over the next several weeks.

    3. Please note that the two development teams are independent and geographically separate so at times we might have to juggle your questions or issues between the teams and between the support forums. But as usual, we will try to do our best.

    It is difficult to list exactly document features for which DOC to PDF conversion does not work yet because it is changing rapidly, but here it is anyway. In most cases, when a feature is not supported, it will simply not be rendered or rendered with loss of formatting into the PDF file.

    Please don’t be put off by the long list of unsupported features because the list of supported features is much longer and we managed to successfully test on a variety of documents.

    Text fragment background and highlighting is not supported.
    Some underline types and colors are not supported.
    Some font formatting such as emboss, engrave, all caps, small caps are not supported.
    Char scale (width) and kerning is not supported.
    Tabs and tab positions are not supported.
    Shading patterns are not supported.
    Some paragraph formatting options such as keep lines together etc are not supported.
    Line spacing AtLeast is not supported, only Exactly is supported.
    Line spacing Pdf adds space before the line, where is Word it adds space after the line.
    Justify is not supported in multi segment text.
    Multiple columns not supported.
    Vertically merging cells is not supported.
    Vertical text alignment is not supported.
    Text direction in table cells is not supported.
    Image cropping, borders, width vs height scale is not supported.
    Image can only occupy a whole paragraph.
    Drawing objects are not supported (except images).
    Headers and footers that take several lines might result in Aspose.Pdf throwing an exception.
    Distance of the footer from the page border is not supported.
    Hyperlinks will not be rendered hyperlinks.
    Form fields are not rendered.
    Footnotes and endnotes are not supported.
    Bulleted and numbered lists can come out formatted different from the original document.
    Spacing between words is not always correct.
    Line breaks in centered paragraphs are incorrect.
    First line indent is not always correct.
    Table borders are drawn over the text in table cells sometimes.
    EMF images come out on black background.
    Numbered lists do not restart, but continue single sequence throughout the full document.