Doc with 2 columns into html


How we can retain the columns in html when we convert the doc with content in 2 columns.

With Regards

Chandrasekar P

Hi Chandrasekar.
Thank you for asking this. The question is really interesting since we have never met such a requirement.
HTML format itself doesn’t imply columns as we got used to in MS Word. It’s a format designed to represent and render web-like content in which we usually have vertically unlimited pages. As you can note MS Word doesn’t retain columns when saving as HTML. Can you give us any sample HTML with columns or suggest an application able to do this?
In general, we recommend making the solution from the task you are solving. You’d like to have columns or at least anything looking like columns if they were possible to save in HTML. Okay. If you can predict amount of content in every column on page you can insert a table with two (you are asking for two) columns. This leads to manual document table-driven redesign or some kind of empiric algorithm making sure your content fits in table cells.
Maybe this all is not suitable for you and we could suggest another approach. If you would like us to help with ideas please provide more info.