Document Comments


How does one modify the comments ( on the summary page ) in a document. Tried using Document Properties but that does not work with index “Comments”


Just confirming that I will look into this asap. Expect a reply in one-two days maximum.


Hi, this works okay for me, here is the code:


/// A customer complained that Comments property does not work.



public void TestComments()


Document doc = TestUtil.Open(@“Model\TestDocProperties.doc”);

Assert.AreEqual(“Test Comments”, (string)doc.BuiltInDocumentProperties[“Comments”].Value);

doc.BuiltInDocumentProperties[“Comments”].Value = “New Comments”;

doc = TestUtil.SaveOpen(doc, @“Model\TestDocProperties Out.doc”);

Assert.AreEqual(“New Comments”, (string)doc.BuiltInDocumentProperties[“Comments”].Value);


What are you doing?